BHI Celebrates Annual BHI Awards

Last week we gathered to celebrate the annual BHI Awards, a heartfelt salute to the incredible spirit and hard work of our team.

It’s an event where we shine a spotlight on those among us nominated by their peers for going above and beyond, embodying our Core Values, Mission, and Brand Promise.

While there were many teammates that were nominated and eligible for the awards this year, after long deliberations, we have selected the following winners of the 2023 BHI Awards:

  • Rookie of the Year
    • Christian Alexander
    • Tristan Gilbert
    • Cade Mckenna
    • Brigg Edwards
    • Lucas Duncan
    • Thomas Ethington
    • Kyle Rupp
    • Jeremiah Miknevicius
  • Quality Award:
    • Jeremy Gudac
    • Elijah Jackson
    • Brad Griffiths
    • Mark Morgan
    • Matthew Watson
    • Zachery Dacus
  • Promise Award:
    • Trent Fryhling
    • Darren Griffin
    • Clint Barton
    • Ricky Arthur
    • Calvin Wemhoff
    • Mason Green
    • Danny Miller
    • TJ Caddell 
  • BHI Core Value Awards:
    • Growth – Derek Ulm
    • Reputation – Nash Nilson
    • Service – Juan Evangelista
    • Teamwork – Tanya Smuin
  • Safety Award:
    • Tristan Watson
  • Project Field Superintendent of the Year Award:
    • Joshua Walters
    • David Brunson
  • Project Manager of the Year Award:
    • Ryan Ament
  • Manager of the Year Award:
    • Jessica Palacios
  • Director of the Year Award:
    • Carrie Massey
  • Project Director of the Year Award:
    • Drew Allen
  • Mentor of the Year Award:
    • Greg Hardy
  • Boat Crew II Award:
    • Brent Sterner
    • Alfredo Botello
    • Kasey Church
    • Evert Means
    • Dillon Myers
    • Brandin Murray
  • Project of the Year Award:
    • Ovintiv Tank Batteries ($5M and under)
    • Currant Creek ($5M to $10M)
    • Steinaker Canal ($10M -$20M)
    • Appaloosa Solar  (Above $20M)
  • Brad Haslem Award:
    • Justin Parker

This celebration is more than an awards ceremony, it’s a reflection of the deep respect, admiration, and gratitude we share within the BHI family.

Thank you to all our employees for your dedication and contributions to BHI’s success.

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