BHI Promotes Brad Dickson to Director of Security and Facilities

BHI is pleased to announce the promotion of Brad Dickson to the position of Director of Security and Facilities. With his extensive experience and proven leadership skills, Dickson has already made significant contributions to BHI’s security systems at the company’s laydown yards and facilities.

“We are happy to announce that Brad Dickson will be taking on the new role of Director of Security and Facilities for BHI,” said Derrick Hacking, Vice President overseeing Asset Management at BHI. “His knowledge and management expertise comes from years of working in this industry.”

In his new role, Dickson will oversee all aspects of security and facility management across BHI’s operations, focusing on enhancing security measures, optimizing facility operations, and ensuring compliance with industry standards.

BHI is confident that in this role, Dickson will continue to provide a safe and secure environment for its employees, clients, and stakeholders.

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