BHI Awarded Prestigious Black Desert Resort Project: Elevating Infrastructure Development


BHI is proud to share its latest high-profile project, the Black Desert Resort Project. This ambitious undertaking involves the installation of an extensive utility network across the resort.

The Black Desert Resort Project is a significant endeavor in the infrastructure sector, comprising over 3,000 feet of sewer and irrigation pipelines, 8,500 feet of culinary pipelines, and 5,200 feet of storm drain systems. These installations form the backbone of the resort, reinforcing the importance of precise execution and seamless integration of various utility systems. 

This project’s success hinges on meticulous planning, coordination, and communication to effectively integrate and synchronize the complex network of pipelines for optimal functionality.

Branson Yantes, Senior Vice President of BHI, commented on the project: “We are excited to be leading the Black Desert Resort Project. Our team is fully committed to ensuring that every detail and aspect of teamwork is handled with the utmost precision for a project of this size and complexity.”

The project is strategically positioned amidst several ongoing developments, including North Village, Family Village, and multiple Golf Villages. These adjacent projects, focused on multifamily condominiums and luxurious amenities, require a unified approach to infrastructure development. BHI’s role is crucial in ensuring these interconnected developments progress cohesively, enhancing the overall living experience at the resort.

About BHI

BHI, renowned for its proficiency in large-scale, complex infrastructure projects, excels in coordinating and executing extensive utility systems essential for major developments and municipalities. The company’s commitment to quality and precision in construction services solidifies its reputation for surpassing industry standards and meeting client expectations.

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