BHI Awarded Contract for Steinaker Service Canal Modification Project


BHI has recently been awarded a contract to modify the existing Steinaker Service Canal into a pressurized pipeline in the Rocky Mountain region of the United States. This project represents continued growth for BHI in the government sector and is a great opportunity to involve multiple divisions within the company, showcasing our ability to self-perform most of the work.

BHI will be responsible for the installation of over 15,000 linear feet of 78-inch HDPE pipeline with air valves/manways, drains, turnouts, screening structures, electrical and instrumentation, a new access road, and other related work. This project presents a unique challenge as it features a 78” HDPE pipe size, which is the largest diameter that has ever been installed in the United States.

“The Steinaker Canal project is a representation of our ability and desire to build challenging projects. This is the largest diameter HDPE pipe manufactured in the US, and we’ll be installing it in our backyard,” said Branson Yantes, Vice President for the Civil and Excavation division. “I can’t wait to see our team build another showcase project!”

BHI has extensive experience in utilities installation and is excited to start this project as we continue to help “Build America”. This project will contribute to the water resource development efforts that are important for future growth and improvement of local communities. BHI is well-known and respected for providing a genuinely superior experience in every interaction.

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