BHI Announces Significant Organizational Growth and Leadership Advancements

In a significant move, BHI announced new operational divisions, and key leadership promotions at its recent Quarterly Leadership Meeting. This announcement highlights the company’s ongoing growth and its ability to adapt in the ever-changing construction industry, demonstrating BHI’s commitment to excellence and innovation.

New Operational Divisions to Broaden Market Reach

Expanding its operational scope, BHI has added two new divisions: Aggregates & Paving, and Site Development & Concrete. These divisions represent BHI’s strategic move to diversify its services and cater to a broader market segment, reaffirming its position as a leader in the construction industry.

Leadership Promotions to Drive Future Success

BHI is excited to announce the following promotions, a testament to the talent and dedication within the organization:

  • Adam Brown, promoted to Executive Vice President.
  • Wyatt Olsen, promoted to Executive Vice President.
  • Shan Miller, promoted to Senior Vice President, overseeing our divisions that focus on Renewables, Electrical and Instrumentation.
  • Branson Yantes, promoted to Senior Vice President, overseeing our divisions that focus on Civil & Utility work, Site Development and Concrete, and Trucking & Transportation.
  • Derrick Hacking, promoted to Vice President overseeing all of our Asset Management. 
  • Greg Hardy, promoted to Vice President overseeing our training department, HR, Project Controls, Aviation, Compliance and IT.
  • Clint Speirs, promoted to Vice President, will lead our division that focuses on Trucking & Transportation.
  • Kyle Nelson, promoted to Vice President will lead our division that focuses on Site Development & Concrete.
  • Derek Ulm, promoted to Associate Vice President and will continue to lead our Business Development and Pre-Construction Departments.
  • Brad Dickson, promoted to Director of Risk.
  • Chris Clark, promoted to Director of Engineering.

Welcoming New Leaders to the BHI Family

In addition to the promotions, BHI is thrilled to welcome new members to its leadership team:

  • Micah Green, joining as Vice President, will oversee our mergers, acquisitions, and integration team.
  • Morgan Green, appointed as Vice President, will continue to focus on Business Development efforts for the company.
  • Nathan Huschka, stepping in as Vice President, overseeing our new division that will have focused efforts towards Aggregates & Pavement.

A Message of Gratitude and Anticipation

“As BHI embarks on a new chapter with expanded operational divisions and well-deserved team promotions, I extend my heartfelt thanks to every teammate, partner, and customer,” said Erik Haslem, CEO of BHI. “Your unwavering dedication, collaboration, and support have been pivotal to our growth. Together, we have not only achieved milestones but have also strengthened the foundation of our company. Let us move forward with a renewed commitment to excellence, embracing challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, while cherishing the unity and shared purpose that bind us all in this journey.”

About BHI

Founded in 1998, BHI has grown from a modest beginning to a nationally recognized general contractor specializing in a wide range of construction services across various markets. With a commitment to its Core Values and a focus on building strong relationships, BHI continues to pave the way for innovation and excellence in the construction industry.

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