BHI and Community Collaborate for “Friends Against Family Violence”

BHI proudly announces its unwavering commitment and ongoing contributions to a worthwhile community project aimed at supporting the Friends Against Family Violence (FAFV) program in Vernal, Utah. This venture, which began in August 2022, has blossomed immensely to meet the escalating operational needs of the program, thanks to the relentless efforts of all parties involved.

Justin Parker, Vice President of BHI, spoke about how far they’ve come: “This project really shows what teamwork and leadership can do. It all started when Joslin Batty, who was with FAFV, asked us for a little help with some electrical work. Since then, we’ve been able to do a lot more to make sure the program can really help people who need it.”

The facility, once completed, will feature three fully-equipped apartments, childcare facilities, office space, and a meeting room. This thoughtful design is primarily aimed at empowering affected individuals, particularly mothers and fathers, allowing them to reintegrate into the community with enhanced stability and support.

“We are exceptionally proud of our partnership with Codale Electric and the tremendous generosity they’ve shown by donating all necessary electrical materials,” Parker added. “Working together, we’ve been able to put everything in place to make a big difference in this important project.”

The project has become more than just a construction endeavor, it’s a valuable training ground for emerging leaders. With over 20 electricians volunteering their expertise, the effort showcases not just skill but also a deep-rooted spirit of community service. All team members are donating their personal time, further emphasizing the collective commitment to the cause.

In terms of what’s next for the project, the team at BHI is fully committed to its continued growth and improvement. Plans are already in place to add new services, including the installation of a state-of-the-art generator system. BHI’s General Contractor division is also stepping up, generously covering the costs associated with their role and expertly coordinating with various subcontractors to keep everything moving smoothly. It’s clear that every aspect of this endeavor is a group effort, underscoring the collective commitment to making a lasting impact.

About BHI: 

At BHI, we are motivated by the desire to leave a positive mark, not just through the projects we take on but also through the lasting impacts we hope to foster in our communities. Central to our values, and a driving force behind our efforts, is the Core Value of ‘Service.’ As part of our ‘We Build America’ credo, we are not only dedicated to laying the foundation for robust infrastructure but also to building strong, thriving communities. We genuinely believe that service isn’t merely a responsibility, it’s a cherished privilege that defines our purpose and molds our actions. Our culture, deeply rooted in the spirit of giving back, encourages us to continuously find avenues to uplift and contribute. 

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