Concrete & Asphalt

Concrete & Asphalt

BHI’s enhanced capabilities in structural concrete, flatwork and paving, aligned with our complete turnkey site package, enable us to handle complex concrete and asphalt projects. Our expertise includes constructing robust footings, foundations, and diverse slabs including suspended, deck, and industrial variants. Specializing in precision-oriented tasks like laser screed interior slabs, we ensure foundational strength and integrity.

Our team excels in designing and constructing everything from basic curb-and-gutter to intricate paving projects, ensuring unmatched attention to detail. We also deliver smooth, durable asphalt surfaces for various applications, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment for a flawless finish.

Incorporating these services into our streamlined turnkey site package, BHI manages and coordinates all stages of work efficiently, from site preparation to paving, ensuring seamless project progression from groundbreaking to ribbon cutting.

Concrete Expertise:

  • All slabs from suspended slabs, slab on deck, and industrial slabs
  • Footings, foundations, and laser screed interior slabs
  • Sidewalks, curb-and-gutter, and concrete paving

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