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Our Founder

Brad Haslem was born in Vernal, UT. He began his life in Jensen, UT, a small farm town 13 miles east of Vernal, UT. Brad's parents taught him how to work and what it means to be a part of a community. Brad has the American Entrepreneurial spirit that pushed him to his future endeavors. As his wife has said "Brad is not afraid of starting something from nothing." 

He started BHI with six other people next to him, of which four are still with BHI today. With this hardworking group, Brad has turned an electrical company that operated out of a one bay shop, to a powerhouse of a general contractor, focusing not only on instrumentation and electrical, but adding the following industries: Civil & Excavation, Facilities & Pipeline, Construction Management and Wireless & Communications. With projects and offices located across the United States, Brad's hard work and positive work environment has made BHI a name that is recognized and respected in the industries they serve. 

"Any job, large or small, do it right or not at all."

brad r haslem
Founder and Chairman of the Board
Brad Haslem

People think that production makes money. They couldn't be more wrong. People make money, and our people, produce.

Brad R Haslem 

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